Maintaining your pruning shears

Pruning is one of the most important gardening practices. Cutting off the overgrown branches or twigs of a plant is of benefit to its growth. Every farmer or gardener should understand this practice and put it into action. This practice is not done on a daily basis. There are distinct seasons and timeframes when it should be conducted. Different tools can be used for pruning which includes shears, saws, and secateurs. A pruning shear is a scissor-like equipment that can be utilized for the practice. They come in different sizes with some bearing a long handle while others bear a short one.

Farmers should look for the best pruning shears to be used in their gardens. They can do this by assessing the type of trees that grow in their gardens and the thickness of the branch or stem they want to trim. Trimming your plants encourages proper growth, and one is also able to do away with dead parts of the plant. This habit also boosts fruit production because removing the dead parts of the tree helps eradicate insects capable of damaging fruits. Gardeners lack a proper idea on how they should maintain their equipment to avoid spending a lot of time. Here is how you can maintain your pruning shears.


Regular inspection

Check the status of your equipment on a regular basis to see if there are defects on it. Make sure it can perform all its002 functions. Farmers tend to ignore this because they dump their shears once one pruning session is over. The chances of it getting damaged or rust are high because of the timeframe between one pruning sessions to another. Check if all the hinges or bearings are in order because some get damaged and lose motion.


Proper blade placement

The blade is the most important part of a pruning shears. Proper blade placement ensures your equipment lasts longer. It also improves the quality of trims performed by your trimming tool. Improper placement may lead to injuries of one’s hands because of the impact caused by the force of poor cutting action. You can sharpen the blades once in a while. Also, check the type of branches or stem you are dealing with to reduce excess damage of your blade.

003Regular repairs

After inspecting your tool, check out the worn out parts and repair them immediately to avoid further damage. Adjust the hinges regularly to improve its workability. Conducting regular repairs will help you reduce the amount you spend on fixing your damaged tool. It also encourages user safety because one can experience fewer accidents.…

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Electrical safety tips

In order to be safe all day around the house and in the office, there are essential electricity safety tips that you need to practice on a daily basis. Electricity can be very perilous and can cause deaths in extreme circumstances and in this case Electricians Melbourne play a vital role in promoting such safety. Here are some of the key tips that should be considered when handling electricity.

Play away from electricity

Children should at no point play their games near or next to a power station. Game material such as kites can cause fatal electrical accidents. When children are flying kites, this should be done away from substations of electricity or power lines. These kites and their strings can conduct electricity and hence drawing it to you from the ground.

Look up before climbing trees

It is advisable that before you climb any tree, you should check for any power lines that are maybe passing through the tree you intend to climb. Some trees can grow tall until they the get into contact with moving power lines. In this case, the electricity can pass through the tree branches and directly get into you hence causing accident or death.

Keep electricity materials away from water

Always put in mind that at no point should the electricity materials come in contact with power. When water comes in contact with electricity then a fatal accident can occur. Most electricity accidents that normally occur in homes or offices are due to contact with electricity and water.

Do not climb electric fences

Sometimes your items can get into electrical power stations. It is not advisable to climb the wall in order to get into that substation. Instead, it is recommended you call the power company so that they can get you the items by themselves. Therefore is recommended that you caution children on some of the dangerous fences so that you can inhibit them from deadly electrical harm.

Ensure tucking of electrical cords

Electrical wires connecting electricity should be well tucked away and kept unexposed. This is important because sometimes pets that are in your house might chew them and hence exposing electricity which can be dangerous. Untucked cords sometimes make people trip and fall. Such accidents can be easily avoided if basic electrical rules are adhered to.

Do not bunch stuff into one outlet

You are advised that you should never bunch together a lot of electricity stuff into one outlet. This can be dangerous because it can damage the whole electrical system in your house. Bunching a lot of stuff into one outlet can also cause a fire.…

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